Utilizing a real estate professional who is familiar with and connected to the local medical community is essential in optimizing the recruitment process.  We provide a point-of-contact, quick response and efficiency that ultimately saves your organization money, while assisting you in recruiting top candidates.  


We provide a full spectrum of move management services tailored to our physician client’s needs.  Our service begins with taking the time to discus interests and needs prior to a visit.  Our goal is to create an itinerary that most effectively highlights the best of Knoxville, while focusing on the client and family’s particular interests.  Most visitors will want to include an area overview and real estate tour.  Additionally I offer local school information and tours, cost of living estimates, maps, recreational experiences and social activities.  We are also available throughout the process by assisting with local service providers and networking contacts.  


.  Rest assured there is absolutely no cost for you to refer prospective physician recruits for services.  The benefits however, are numerous.


  • -Reduce the administrative management time required by your office.  I can see to all of the details related to the relocation process.  
  • -Increase job acceptance rates.  When you find an ideal candidate for your practice, allow me to develop an itinerary for their visit that will highlight their particular interests and showcase our city.  
  • -Reduce physician stress related to the relocation process.  I offer continuous support and proactive anticipation with a quick response to concerns.  
  • -As a physician spouse and former nurse practitioner myself, I “speak the language” and empathize with the stress related to this process.
  • -Contain corporate costs through improved recruitment efforts.  We have a common goal of recruiting the very best providers to Knoxville.   I appreciate the opportunity to work together in these efforts.