In my mind, there are only three ways to build wealth: 

1.  Inherit it

2.  Start a business and make it successful

3.  Own stuff (collectibles, stocks, real estate, etc.)


If you are interested in how Real Estate can be a part of your long-term financial plan, Knoxville Living can help.  We can counsel you on developing your Real Estate portfolio, using Real Estate as a mechanism to meet your future aspirations and more specifically to build wealth.  This is first accomplished through gaining a true understanding of your needs, desires, and goals followed by extensive education. 

Some questions to consider –

What are my long-term financial goals (minimum 5-10 years)?

How can owning a home help me build wealth?

What does it mean to be leveraged?

What is involved in owning an investment property? 

Once you’ve answered the first question, we invite you to meet with us in person so that we can discuss your goals and help you come up with a plan to build wealth.


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